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Trusted Advice for Cannabis Businesses

Our cannabis lawyers have a long-standing history of helping cannabis businesses with legal planning, corporate guidance, regulatory support and compliance strategies.

Cannabis regulations and policies are ever-evolving, and businesses in California must stay up-to-date on these compliance issues to avoid losing their ability to sell cannabis. There are many complex hurdles for cannabis businesses to accommodate, especially when it comes to the federal level. Our experienced attorneys are not only familiar with federal laws but specialize in local and state cannabis regulations.

As leaders in understanding cannabis regulations and litigation, our cannabis team of attorneys understands the unique needs, opportunities and challenges that face our cannabis clients. We work with retailers, growers, processors, ancillary businesses and investors.

A Resource for the Cannabis Community

We don’t merely advertise cannabis legal advice, but our team of attorneys are committed to helping fortify, defend and build credibility for this growing industry. We focus on forward-thinking litigation to help protect your cannabis business and help grow and support our local community.

We consistently collaborate with attorneys to leverage our strengths by being a part of a national network of cannabis attorneys that are all fighting to keep cannabis legal.

We want to ensure the continued success and prosperity of cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs throughout California. That’s why we work with you to understand your objectives while ensuring that your business is 100 percent compliant with all regulations and rules.

Contact Ragghianti Freitas LLP

If you have a cannabis operation or business and need legal advice and guidance, please contact us. Our experts are standing by to learn more about your business’ needs to provide custom cannabis advice.

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